International Journal of Social Sciences and Information Technology
ISSN 2412 - 0294


Editorial Board Members/ Reviewers (for regular issues)     b. Lead Guest Editors (for special issues)Quality of an academic journal depends on its Reviewer pool and International Journal of Social Sciences and Information Technology  being blind peer reviewed journal, is no exception. In the same line, IJSSIT seeks for qualified reviewers/ editorial board members across the globe. If you meet the following requirements and have quest for research, then please send your CV along with a cover letter to

  1. Have a PhD in Management/ Commerce/ Economics
  2. Have quality publications in refereed journals
  3. Have served on at least one Editorial/ Reviewer board
  4. Can follow strict deadlines
  5. Can work on honorary basis


Academic Quotes
  • Academic success depends on research and publications – Philip Zimbardo
  • We academics – I am an academic – we love complexity. You can write papers about complexity, and the nice thing about complexity is it’s fundamentally intractable in many ways, so you’re not responsible for outcomes – George M. Whitesides
  • Great research universities must insist on independence from government and on the exercise of academic freedom – Alan Dershowitz